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    Dr Hemangi Sane

    Dr. Hemangi Sane

    She is the founding president of “Asha Ek Hope” her unique board and sensitive outlook comes from her experience as a researcher…

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    Dr. Alok Sharma

    He is a renowned Neurosurgeon,
    Neuroscientist and Professor who brings with him extensive surgical expertise & experience…

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    Dr Amruta

    Dr. Amruta A. Paranjape (PT)

    She is the Vice Chairman of the Managing Committee of Asha Ek Hope Foundation. She has worked closely with ALS patients..

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    Dr Sanket

    Dr. Sanket Sanjay Inamdar (OT)

    He is the Managing Committee member of Asha Ek Hope Foundation. He specializes in Hand Rehabilitation…

We are a dedicated group towards well being of people with MND and their families. We understand the difficult problems they have to face due to the disease. We are well aware of their special needs and challenges to be met. We support them in all possible ways.

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