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  • One of the key components of management of MND/ALS is rehabilitation services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, diet and psychological counselling.

  • Through this program we offer to provide rehab therapist for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychological counselling. These therapist can provide therapy by home visit as per the requirement of the patient. For patients with low social economic background foundation can assist with the rehab cost.

  • Assessment of patients for the need of any assistive devices is done by an expert. The type of the device and usability is taken into consideration. Guidance and financial support is provided for the assistive devices for eg: writing device, communication device.

  • Donors can support this program by generous financial donation.

  • Rehabilitation therapist can enroll with the foundation for being a part of home visit rehab program.


  • Chotisi Asha

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    Our aim through this program is to spread happiness and smile to patients of ALS/MND.

  • Convey your (ALS Patients) small wishes to us through e-mail and we will try our best to fulfill it.

  • Enrolling in this program will ensure that the patients get annual birthday or anniversary greetings cards from our foundation. Birthday or anniversary are special occasion which we all cherish. We feel that by sending a card or a gift on that day will bring a smile on their face. In this way our foundation would like to be a part of their celebration.

  • Donors can support the patients through real gifts of various medical and rehabilitative equipments required by needy patients. Asha Ek Hope Foundation will co-ordinate this activity and find donors for the needy patients.

  • Donors can support the foundation to fulfill small wishes expressed by the patients.

  • Volunteers can donate their time as we feel that time is money. This time spent with patients can give them immense moral and emotional support.

  • Volunteers can also give their valuable time to support various activities and programs conducted for the patients. Please enroll yourself as a volunteer for this program.

OUTINGS & SOCIAL EVENTSouting-and-events

  • Through this program we can arrange get together of ALS/MND patients and their families.
  • We can support patients short outings for eg: to movie theatres, local sight seeing or short picnics .

  • Foundation arranges annual get together of ALS/MND patient on every 21st June on the occasion of ALS/MND day.

  • Donors can support in the form of financial assist or vehicles or volunteering etc.

We are a dedicated group towards well being of people with MND and their families. We understand the difficult problems they have to face due to the disease. We are well aware of their special needs and challenges to be met. We support them in all possible ways.

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