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ALS/MND Center

This is a multidisciplinary center in Mumbai which provides all the medical and rehabilitative services under one roof. The aim of this center is to provide care and guidance to the patients as well as caregivers and family members, under the supervision of their own neurologist. Our expert panel has doctors from various specialties that are of key requirement in ALS/MND. For the patients who are not currently under the care of any neurologist, we can assign our consultant neurologists who will provide guidance.

All the initial consultations are free of cost for all the patients.

Services offered:

  • Medical Consultation: At the clinic we provide medical consultation that includes assessment and guidance regarding current treatment for the patients. Our physician can also help in confirmation of diagnosis. The importance of multidisciplinary management is emphasized and explained Information regarding upcoming treatment options for ALS/MND is also provided.

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy consultation focuses on assessing the current physical limitations experienced by the patients. Based on this assessment an exercise program is prescribed to be practiced at home or in the clinic as per the requirement. Concession on charges may be offered for the rehab sessions.

  • Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy consultation focuses on multiple aspects like, difficulties in conducting day to day activities, modifications required in the home environment for greater independence and need of assistive devices of different kinds. Therapists may also arrange a home visit for home modifications.

  • Speech and swallow therapy: This is one of the most important therapies for patients with speech and swallow difficulties. Exercises to improve speech clarity are taught. Based on the degree of aspiration during swallowing the therapist suggests exercises and/or assistive devices or referral for PEG tube is given.

  • Diet and nutrition: With advancing swallowing problems, the nutrition may suffer as the swallowing difficulty leads to lack of interest in eating. Diet and nutrition counseling guides the patients about the consistency of the food to be eaten and how maximum nutrition can be achieved with minimal food volume whenever necessary. A diet chart specifically tailored for your patient is prescribed by our dietician.

  • Respiratory support: For patients who have advanced respiratory weakness, consultation from our chest physician is available to guide them regarding the management of breathing problems.

  • Gastrointestinal consultation: For patients who are suffering from advanced swallowing problems, PEG tube advice is provided.

  • Assistive devices support: Occupational therapists assess the need for assistive devices and prescribe the devices which are most useful for the patients to improve their activities of daily living and the quality of life.

  • Psychological counseling: Psychological counseling is an important aspect in the management of ALS/MND. The patients and their family members go through a lot of emotional trauma. They need help to cope with the feelings of anger, frustration, depression and helplessness. Psychologist can guide them or support them by various coping strategies .

  • Medical social work services: For patients who have financial limitations our medical social workers can help them.

  • Home nursing care: Nursing care is very important in ALS/MND we provide trained nursing care professionals who can guide the caregivers regarding homecare.



  • Asha Ek hope provides rilutor for patients with ALS/MND free of cost all over India.

  • This is supported by the generosity of Sunpharma Company who gives rilutor tablets free of cost. The company gives the tablets to the foundation and the foundation sends the tablets to the patients by mail.

  • The foundation ensures that all patients of ALS/MND have access to rilutor.

  • Our aim through this program is to make rilutor tablet available to all ALS/MND patients. Rilutor tablet is the only FDA approved medicine for ALS/MND. Though marginal rilutor has shower beneficial effects in scientific studies.



  • Our aim through this program is to spread happiness and smile to patients of ALS/MND.