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Our Team
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Our Team comprises of highly delicated, experienced and specialized people working towards the well-being ALS / MND patients and their families. They are very caring and will offer advice and help in all possible ways.

Founding Trustees

  • Dr Hemangi Sane


    She is the founding president of “Asha Ek Hope” her unique board and sensitive outlook comes from her experience as a researcher…

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  • Dr Amruta


    She is the Vice Chairman of the Managing Committee of Asha Ek Hope Foundation. She has worked closely with ALS patients..

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Dr. Chetan Desai

Dr. Chetan Desai, M.D

Dr. Amit Shah

Dr. Amit Shah, M.D

dr pradanya-telang

Dr. Pradanya Telang, M.P.Th

Mrs. Madhavi Sane

Mrs. Madhavi Sane, B.A.

Dr. Pallavi Mayekar, M.P.Th


Dr. Komal Sane

Dr. Komal Sane


Dr. Amruta Paranjape


Dr. Sanket Inamdar


Dr. Sushil Kase

Dr. Reena Jain

Dr. Reena Jain


Dr. Jayanti Yadav

Dr. Rishabh Sharan

Dr. Rishabh Sharan


Dr. Monali Dhanrale

Ms. Minal Potnis

Ms. Minal Potnis


Mrs. Kanchan patil

Mrs. Sonali Nalawade

Mrs. Sonali Nalawade


Ms. Sneha Khopkar

Head of Kolkata Chapter

Mr. Ajay Gupta

Mr. Ajay Gupta

He resides in Kolkata, so can be a helpful resource for patients and families affected by ALS/MND staying nearby Kolkata. He encountered motor neuron disease in family and therefore understands the difficulties faced by ALS / MND patients and their families. He can guide family members of ALS/MND patients about all challenging aspects of the care.

Head of Banglore Chapter


Mrs. Shera Mukherjee

She is a star patient of ALS/MND who has overcome her disability with her strong will power and positive attitude. She can be a source of motivation for individuals and families suffering from ALS/MND. She resides in Bangalore and therefore can guide nearby people.


1. Neurologist – Dr. Kaustubh Mahajan

2. Physician – Dr. Hemangi  Sane

3. Chest Physician – Dr. Kishore Bhokare

4. Gastroenterologist – Dr. Keyur Sheth.

5. Physiotherapist – Dr. P. M. Telang,  Dr. Amruta Paranjape

6. Occupational therapist – Dr. Sanket Inamdar

7. Speech & Swallow therapist – Ms. Nikita Kirane

8. Psychologist – Ms. Vaishali Ganwir

9. Nutritionist – Ms. Nilam Pacharane

10. Nurse – Ms.Sushma Patil

11. Yoga therapy – Ms. Minal Potnis,  Mrs. Vibhuti Bhatt

12. Socialworker – Mrs.Kanchan Patil


Dr. Kishore Bhokare, M.D


Dr. Keyur Seth, M.D


Ms. Nikita Kirane

Ms. Vaishali Ganwir

Ms. Vaishali Ganwir


Mrs. Nilam Pacharane


Mrs. Vihbuti Bhatt

We are a dedicated group towards well being of people with MND and their families. We understand the difficult problems they have to face due to the disease. We are well aware of their special needs and challenges to be met. We support them in all possible ways.

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